This video clip shows how to start spinning on a wheel. It demonstrates how to join the roving to the leader thread and how to adjust the tension on the wheel.

In this video, I’m spinning a Coopworth roving. Roving is wool that has been cleaned and carded through a carding machine. Wool that has been processed as roving may be lying in different directions. It isn’t all lying evenly parallel, as in wool top that has been combed. Roving is good for spinning wool sweaters and lofty blankets.

  • Attach a leader thread to the bobbin of the wheel. It should be about 1.5 – 2 feet in length. It can be either a wool or a strong cotton yarn.
  • Thread the leader around the hooks of the flyer, and through the orifice of the spinning wheel.
  • Begin to spin the wheel in a clockwise direction, or to the right.
  • Allow the twist to build up in the leader thread.
  • When the twist has built up in the leader, lay the roving underneath the spun leader thread. Allow the leader to just touch the tips of the roving. The twisted yarn will grab the wool and start to spin it and draw it into the wheel.

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You Tube – Learn to Spin Wool

Because my original learning to spin wool video is not available, I have added a video clip from You Tube.

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