Kool-aid Mittens: bl-linda

I finished my mittens last week. The fiber was Kool-aid dyed. The six colors are from three packets. For each color I added half the fiber, then when some of the original color was gone, added the second half of the fiber. For example, the first half of the fiber dyed green from the lime Kool-aid. The color that was left in the dyebath dyed the second half of the fiber aqua.

Each piece of the six colors was carded into six rolags (total of 36 rolags altogether). I arranged the stripe order based on the “changing of the bells” technique from the most recent Handwoven and spun the wool on my spindle. I navajo-plied the yarn to keep the colors pure. The pattern is a mix of several knitted mitten patterns that fits me well.

It sure was lots of fun to plan a project from the fiber to the end-product!


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
kool-aid dyed yarn

Kool-aid dyed knitted mittens

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