Sew and So

Cat's Trail & Butterfly Scarves

Two overshot scarves I did in 10/2 black cotton and a bulky pink acrylic.

by Labidolemur
Cat's Track scarf

Cat’s Tracks

Butterfly scarf


Weaving Drafts

Cat’s Paw Weaving Draft
Birds Eye
Advancing twill
Summer Winter

Handweaving Books

The Weaver’s Book of 8-Shaft Patterns
A thousand different patterns on more than 25 weave structures.
UK: 8 Shaft Patterns

Weaving Yarn


Ebay Finds

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Yarn on Cone - Wool Crepe - Soft Pink - 7 ounces - Current price: $12.00

Lot of Beautiful Knitting Yarns Pink - High Quality - Wool SIlk Alpaca - 7 oz - Current price: $15.00

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