Sew and So

Index of Miscellaneous weaving articles

Advanced Twill Weave
Winding a Butterfly
Weaving Catalogne Rugs
Chemo Kids
Clasped Weft Technique
Learning to Spin
Twist and Wheel Ratios
Semi-Worsted Handspinning
Plant Dye Recipes
Felted Mitts
Finnish Lace Block Draft 1
Free Knitted Hat Pattern
Mad as a Hatter
Cardboard Loom – weaving the header
Cardboard Loom – weaving twill
Replacement Heddles
Clothing Patterns from the Weaving Room
Lucet BraidingHow to make braids using a Lucet.
Pop Goes the Weasel
The BasicsFor the beginner, some tips on where to learn about weaving & spinning.
Colour Test
Why are you attracted to certain colours? Take this test and find out.
How to Fix a Threading Error
Painted Warps
Natural Dyes
Project Linus
Sakiori Weaving
Spiral Socks Knitting Pattern
Table of Setts

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