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Welcome to our All Fiber Arts website.
You can find over 1000 pages of information, hand-picked links, free patterns, resources and how-to instructions for weaving, spinning, dyeing, knitting, crochet, felting, papermaking, needlepoint, sewing, and other textile handicrafts. We also have a free Discussion Forum and Chat rooms where you can meet with all your fiber friends.

The Picks

Some of the recent updates to pages:

Used Weaving Looms

Walnut J loom

Fireside Loom

felt paint brushes Felt Art Painting with Wool
A preview of my upcoming felt art show at Oxmarket Gallery.

Wet Felting with a Washboard
How to use a washboard for the final fulling process.
Simplicity Needle Felting Tool
Simplicty Felting Machine
A product review of the hand held felting tool by Simplicity.

A few tips about selling your work online with Etsy.

Cyprus Lighthouse
How to Make Wet Felted Pictures

Wet Felted Hats

Corfu Style Supported Spindle

felt slippers
Felted Booties
How to make felted booties or slippers.

Crochet Booties
If you are not a felter, here are some crochet patterns for making slippers.

Agathis Weaving Shop
During a recent holiday in Kassiopi Corfu, I met a very talented and experienced weaver.

Felted Easter Eggs

iTunes Apps
Specialized apps for your iPad or iPhone designed for crafts.

How to Knit the Heel of a sock using a Prym Sock Loom

Amigurumi Doctor patternAmigurumi Doctor Crochet Pattern

madderHow to Dye with Madder Root

Make a Felted cat bed.

card woven edge Card Woven Finishing Technique
How to do a braid finish to handwoven yardage using tablet or card weaving.

crochet bowlFree Crochet Bowl Patterns

What is a Russian join?

Textile Terms Dictionary
Our textile dictionary is being updated.

nalbinding bag Naalbinding Iphone Case

Fiber Art Teachers
If you teach fiber arts and would like to be added to our database, please let me know.

fuschia hand spun yarn Paivatar Handspun Yarns
Visit my new Facebook page to see what is the yarn of the day.

Felted Posy Pot

Saami Band Weaving

Beaivi Loom Video
A video I made on how to weave with a Sami-style 2 hole rigid heddle loom.

Sami 2 Hole Weaving Reed
Paivi loom
My new loom – The Beaivi.

How to Warp the Beaivi Loom

Rigid Heddle Pickup Pattern

Weaving braids with a double slot weaving reed

Tablet Weaving Patterns
Card Weaving Pattern No 102

Band Weaving of Finland and Sweden


The Killing: Sarah Lund White Jumper, The Brown Jumper and the Red Jumper

How Long
How long does it take to knit a sweater?

Vintage Knitting:
Ankle Warmers – Vintage Knitting and Crochet Pattern

Vintage Pattern for a Knitted Skirt

Crock Pot Dyes

Fungi Dyes

Used Weaving Looms:
Used Dorothy Table Loom
Used Norwood Loom for Sale

Countermarche Looms

10 Steps: How to Warp a Loom

Yarn and Fiber Shops

New Kindle Updates

How To Recipes

Kimono Patterns

Big CS Sitemap List

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Save 20% at Interweave Store with Offer Code FRIDAY20
  • Felting with Wool Locks (Coupeville, WA)
    There is something magical about wool locks in their natural state. It is impossible to resist fingering the curls. Using raw fleece fresh from Penn Cove's Wild Rose Farm, students will learn to felt wool...
  • Pot o' Gold Dyeing (Coupeville, WA)
    The rainbow in a dyepot! If you have shied away from dyeing before because of time or space constraints, this method is for you. Less dye, less water, and less mess makes it all so easy. In this one-day...
  • Driven to Abstraction: Developing Abstract Imagery (LaPointe, WI)
    The exploration of abstraction, both objective and non-objective, in the art quilt medium is the theme of this workshop. Sue will present several methods for developing abstract imagery and encourage students...
  • Dyeing to Discharge (Coupeville, WA)
    Discover the possibilities of discharge- the removal of color from dyed cloth. First we will apply base color and then selectively remove and replace the color using immersion with stitched and pole wrap...